Head Office
156 Kawanoe-cho Shikokuchuo-city Ehime, JAPAN 799-0101
Tokyo Branch
3rd Floor Sankodo-building, 1-18-11 Ueno Taito-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 110-0005


Based on the theme of symbiosis between technology and nature, we have been creating specialty papers.
Since first established in 1947, Miki Tokushu Paper Mfg.Co.,Ltd. has developed a large number of multi-application speciality papers under the motto of "Convert All Possible Fibers into Paper." The phrase "Tokushu," used in our company name, means "special" in Japanese, but we intentionally use a Chinese character representing "seed" and "type" to add the sense that we are targeting special types of "seeds" (= materials) for research and development of new products, in our case, specialty papers. Even after 1958 invention of "Mikiron," the first synthetic fiber paper in the world, we have continued to develop and produce functional materials that can fulfill our clients' various requests. In 1993, in early recognition of the global change in the business climate, we opened the first paper production factory funded by a Japanese company in Anhui Province, China. Wet laid spunlace processing commenced in 2002 is now spurring us into further enhancement of nonwoven engineered fabrics. Miki Tokushu Paper Mfg. will continue to maximize the expertise that has been cultivated through the concept of "Converting All Possible Fibers into Papers" to continue creating specialty paper, engineered fabrics and nonwovens that can consistently need your needs.

Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to society and the future through the production, innovation and progress of functional materials. "For People and Future Harmony!"
  • 1)The company activity that is open and fair by law abiding
  • 2)Contribute to develop society and economy
  • 3)Offer the products that are safe and clean
  • 4)Research and development of the
    advanced technique in response to
    the requests of our customers
  • 5)Corporate culture to raise personal
    creativity and a strength of the teamwork
  • 6)Growth to have the harmony with
    the employee by global innovative management
  • 7)Coexistence and co-prosperity with
    the suppliers and the cooperation companies
Basic Management Policy
  • 1)Offer the satisfaction to our customers
  • 2)Be a company performing innovation
  • 3)Improve employees and their family lives
  • 4)Respond the expectation of stockholders
  • 5)Adapt the environmental improvement
Business Design
  • 1)Become the top maker of nonwoven and specialty paper in the world
  • 2)Respond the development request and expectation from customers
  • 3)Be a company having high employee satisfaction
  • 4)Contribute to society through company activity

Conpany Profile

Representative President Masato Miki
Head Office 156 Kawanoe-cho Shikokuchuo-city Ehime, JAPAN 799-0101 TEL:+81-896-58-3373, FAX:+81-896-58-2105
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Tokyo Branch 3rd Floor Sankodo-building, 1-18-11 Ueno Taito-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 110-0005 TEL:+81-3-3835-2939, FAX:+81-3-3835-8295
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Date of Establishment Oct. 1st 1947
Capital 50,000,000 JPY
Factory Premises 22,724 m2
Factory Building 18,435 m2
Machinery & Equipment No.N-1: Cylinder(yankee dryer) paper machine <width:660mm>
No.N-3: Short fourdrinier & cylinder-combined paper machine <width 2,900mm>
No.N-5: Cylinder(multiple yankee dryers) paper machine <width: 1,250mm>
No.6: Cylinder (yankee dryer) paper machine <width:1,350mm>
No.7: Cylinder (yankee dryer) paper machine<width:1,350mm>
No.8: Cylinder (yankee dryer) paper machine & spunlace processing equipment<width:2,000mm>
Pulp bleaching & refining equipment
Employees 166 (Feb. 2013)

Company History

1947 Gunji Miki established Miki Paper Mfg. at current location of the head office, and initiated mechanical manufacturing of traditional Japanese paper.
1950s In 1953, Miki Paper Mfg. was reorganized and renamed Miki Tokushu Paper Co.,Ltd.
2nd and 3rd production lines were set up to develop synthetic fiber paper.
1960s 5th production line was set up to produce electrical insulating paper.
Our factory was approved for JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) certificate for production of electrical insulating paper.
1970s 6th and 7th production lines were established.
Sack manufacturing and paper coating equipment was introduced to expand paper processing operation.
Tokyo and Osaka Branches were established.
New head office opened.
1980s A technical contract was signed with C.H.Dexter, a U.S. manufacturer. Production and sales of food and industrial/medical products commerced.
N-1, N-3, and N-5 lines were renewed.
1990s Pulp bleaching and refining equipment installed.
Annual kenaf plant commercialized and approved for "Global Environment Forum" qualification.
Electrical insulating paper factory was established in Anching, China, in a joint venture with Gaohe paper Co., Ltd.
2000s Producion of wet laid spunlace nonwoven commerced.
Acquired the second step certification of KES Environmental Management System Standard. Merged with Miki Tokushu Kakou-shi Mfg.Co.Ltd.
Acquired the certification of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
2010s Acquired the certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
Awards granted for our technological innovations
1970 National Inventor's Award
1971 Fujiwara Award
1977 District Inventor Promotion Award
1981 The first Science and Technology Agency Director's Award

Company Profile


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