Head Office
156 Kawanoe-cho Shikokuchuo-city Ehime, JAPAN 799-0101
Tokyo Branch
3rd Floor Sankodo-building, 1-18-11 Ueno Taito-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 110-0005
"Convert All Possible Fibers into Papers" is our motto. We use wood pulp but also other natural materials, synthetic fibers, and other materials to form webs. We have been producing many kinds of sheets with variety of functions to achieve our customers' requests.
  • Spunlacing Process
    Fibers are entangled by fine high-pressure jets of water, and no adhesive agents or binders are needed. Soft nonwovens can be produced by this process.
  • Saturating and Coating Process
    These are the processes that some agents or finishes are added to the papers or nonwovens to give them some additional functions.
  • Hot Calendering and Heat Oven
    By giving heat to papers or nonwovens, some synthetic fibers melt and the strength of the sheets become up.
  • Combining Process
    Films are laminated on paper or nonwoven. Nonwovens can be combined by spunlacing process without any adhesive agents or binders.
  • Punching and Slitting Process
    We can shape and slit the products for customers' requests.
  • Research & Development
    We are always working to improve current products and to develop new products.

  • Filters
    We produce substrate nonwoven for RO membrane, dust pack filter for vacuum cleaner, filter for food.

  • Products for Food
    We produce coffee filter, tea bag, wrapping paper, and others for food.

  • Tapes
    We produce washi paper for masking tape, double-side tape, and others.

  • Kitchen Papers and Wipers
    We produce variety kinds of kitchen paper and high-performance wiper.

  • Electrical Insulating Materials
    Our electrical insulating papers are used for many ways such as battery separator.

  • Others
    Our products such as oil blotting paper are used in many places in your daily life.

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